album cover Live in Edinburgh (1985)

Engineer Roy Ashby
Producer Dick Gaughan

Artist : Dick Gaughan

Dick Gaughan : Vocal, Guitar

Track Notes

songtext Revolution (words:Bovshover / music : Gaughan)

Also recorded on Different Kind of Love Song

songtext Now Westlin Winds (Trad. arr. Gaughan)

Also recorded on Handful of Earth

songtext Which Side Are You On? (Music: Trad / Words: Gaughan / Reece)

Written as a campaigning song for the 84-85 miners' strike. Also recorded on True and Bold

songtext Victor Jara of Chile (Words: Adrian Mitchell/ Music: Arlo Guthrie)

Adrian Mitchell's poem, set to music by Arlo Guthrie.

songtext Companeros (Ewan MacColl)

Ewan's song about the Cuban Revolution. I learned it specifically for this concert and it's the only time I have ever sung it.

songtext Workers' Song (Ed Pickford)

Also recorded on Handful of Earth

songtext Your Daughters and Your Sons (Tommy Sands)

Written by Tommy Sands of Rostrevor, Northern Ireland. I first heard him sing it in the wonderful little theatre piece, Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed, which Tommy and his brother Colm presented at the Traverse Theatre during the Edinburgh Festival in the early 80s.

songtext Four Green Fields (Tommy Makem)

This was an attempt to move this song away from the triumphalist and sectarian approach which is the usual interpretation and try to place it where it rightfully belongs, as part of the wonderful tradition of songs which represent all Irish people. Unfortunately, the sectarian associations have proven too strong so I now refuse to sing it live - so please don't ask me.

songtext The Ballad of Accounting (Ewan MacColl)

Also recorded on Kist o Gold

songtext Jamie Foyers (Ewan MacColl)

Ewan's tribute to those who volunteered to fight for the Republic during the Spanish Civil War.

songtext Glenlogie (Trad. arr. Gaughan)

Also recorded on Gaughan as "Bonnie Jeannie o Bethelnie"

The World Turned Upside Down (Leon Rosselson)

Also recorded on Handful of Earth

Historical Footnote

Recorded live in the Queen's Hall, Edinburgh during the 1984 Edinburgh International Festival

celtic knotwork

In early January 1984, I was doing a gig in the Star Club in Glasgow. I got to the second verse of the second song and my voice went. It was 5 months before I could speak and 7 months before I could sing again. This concert was the first I had given and I was absolutely terrified. Edinburgh being my home town, the audience that night was largely friends who knew how I felt and when I walked out on the stage, the emotional support from them was like a large pair of arms giving me a huge hug; one of the most remarkable and wonderful moments of my life.

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