album cover Parallel Lines (1982)

[Folk Freak FF 4007]

Engineer Gunther Pauler
Producer Dick Gaughan, Andy Irvine and Carsten Linde

Artist : Dick Gaughan and Andy Irvine

Track Notes

The Creggan White Hare (Trad)

Sung by Andy Irvine

songtext Lads o the Fair (McNeill)/ Leith Docks (Gaughan)

Sung by Dick Gaughan

songtext At Twenty-one (Trad)

Sung by Andy Irvine

My Back Pages (Dylan)/ Afterthoughts (Gaughan)

Sung by Dick Gaughan

The Dodgers Song (Trad)

Sung by Andy Irvine

Captain Thunderbolt (Trad)

Sung by Andy Irvine

Captain Colston (Trad)

Sung by Andy Irvine

Flouers o the Forest (Trad)

Sung by Dick Gaughan

Historical Footnote

Recorded at Tonstudio Pauler, Nordheim, Germany.

celtic knotwork

In 1980 or '81 the German company Folk Freak decided to make a follow up to their successful "Folk Friends" album. The idea was to get together a bunch of musicians from different countries and see what happened. What happened was Folk Friends 2

Andy Irvine and myself had known each other for years but never really played much together but after collaborating on a couple of things on Folk Friends 2 we felt there was further exploration to be done and this album was the result.

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