Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you put up the guitar tab for ...

Sorry, I can't. There are a couple of reasons for that

First, I have never used tablature so it makes as much sense to me as Ancient Greek.

Second, most of what I play is improvised. Yes, there have been songs for which I had a more fixed structural arrangement but those I still play keep changing over time and there are others I haven't played for a long time. For example, I honestly can't remember how I played "Willie O Winsbury" when I recorded it back in 1978 and I haven't played it in over 20 years. The best I can do at this distance is to try to remember what guitar tuning I used and roughly what the chord changes were.

Third, I have a very limited amount of time available when I'm not either driving or performing. What spare time I have I try to use in the best way I can to provide something which will be the most use to the most people. Guitar tab is useful to guitar players but it's not really a lot of use to singers or whistle players. So I'm trying, as time permits, to put up music in formats which are not instrument-specific: stave notation with chord changes, mp3 samples, MIDI and ABC notation.


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