Gaughan Forum & Ceilidh House

What it is and what it's for

A bit of background

I used to try to maintain a mailing list for occasional postings of tour details etc but it grew so large that I simply don't have the time any more to maintain it. Also, in spite of my best efforts, the address is now on most of the major spamlists and the list was collapsing under the strain of filtering it. The best solution seemed to me to be to set up a message board to replace it. But then the idea grew - if I was going to go to the trouble of setting it all up, I might as well add a few other features than just leaving it as a way of letting people know what I'm up to. So it has now expanded into two main sections.

The Gaughan Forum

This section is a set of boards for announcements by me of information about what I'm doing, where I'm playing, any recordings etc, and for people to ask questions or discuss with me anything they want to know. Non-members can read the announcements, tour dates etc but won't be able to read or participate in any of the discussion until they've joined.

The Ceilidh House

The other main section is called "The Ceilidh House". It has several sub-sections and is for members to talk about anything they want to and discussion ranges from serious political, musical and cultural discussion to trivia and frivolity. This section is for members only.

What's there that's not already here?

If you have an interest in what I do, in The Gaughan Forum you'll find it much easier to contact me, ask me questions, keep in touch with what I'm up to and probably meet other people who have a point of view on what I do.

If you have no interest in what I do, The Ceilidh House is a community of people with wide-ranging opinions who discuss any and all subjects under the sun in a friendly and flame-free, troll-free, spam-free, censorship-free environment.

Although I do take part in discussions there, I am not the topic of conversation.

Also, fans of Abby Sale's "Happy?!" posts will be pleased to find out that Abby has his own board in the Forum and makes new Happy posts there daily.

Is it open to anyone or do I have to join?

You have to join. That way, we can at least try to keep out spammers, trolls and other such antisocial elements.

Before doing so, you should read the Forum Rules - by joining you agree to accept them and abide by them so it's a good idea to find out first what you're agreeing to!

Fine, I've read them. How do I join?

Dead simple. Go to the forum, then click on the button marked "Register". You'll be asked to give a username, a password and an email address. You will then receive an email confirming your name and password. This is an automatically generated email and no human ever sees or gets to know your password.

One of the Forum Admins will then approve your registration and you will receive another automated email telling you that you're now a member. Depending on which of the admins is online and which time zone you live in, this email may arrive within a few minutes or it might take a day. We do have lives outside the forum and we do sleep now and again so be patient with us.

It's a good idea once you've joined to post a message on the Welcome! board. This gives the other members a chance to welcome you and gives you a quick way of getting to know everybody else.

How much does it cost?

Don't be silly.

OK, so where is it?

I thought you'd never ask.

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