Album reviews


  • Parallel Lines
  • Call It Freedom
    • Folk Roots
      "probably the best thing he's done, including Handful Of Earth"
  • Sail On
    • Folk Roots
      "Play it loud, and play it often - sheer genius doesn't just come in pint glasses."
    • The Scotsman
      "contains one of the greatest performances that has ever come soaring out of the cornucopia of folk/traditional music"
    • The Surrey Advertiser
      "one of the more passionate, outspoken voices on the British folk scene"
    • The Times
      "proves the continuing relevance of the genre"
    • Rock'n'Reel
      "one of the most coveted and revered voices of recent times"
    • Living Tradition
      "Commitment. Passion. Honesty. They're all here. Buy it."
    • Dirty Linen
      "Scotland's head and conscience"
      "a fine album that is full of biting political insight"
  • Redwood Cathedral
  • Outlaws and Dreamers
  • Prentice Piece
    • Living Tradition
      "a coherent and evocative narrative of our times"
    • Scotland On Sunday
      "one of the most powerful, passionate, accomplished and singular talents to have emerged from post-war Scotland"
    • The Scotsman
      "The selection is Gaughan's own, giving the set an added authority, although the music already has that in abundance."
  • Lucky For Some

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