About the mp3s here

The mp3 files on this site are here purely to help you to learn the songs. Some of them are from live performances, some from studio recordings.

With those songs which are currently available on CD, I have usually only put a short snippet (normally first verse and chorus) to give you an idea of the melody and the tempo I perform it in.

For a variety of reasons some of my earlier recordings are currently unavailable for purchase. In such cases I have usually put up a full version of the song, from a live performance where this is available. As most of these are from amateur recordings made at gigs or from vinyl, the quality is not always great but is good enough for you to learn the song from.

These mp3s are for information only, are exclusively for your own personal private use and must not be redistributed anywhere else or to anyone else. If someone else wishes to learn the song, please direct them to the relevant page on this site so they can listen to it for themselves.

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