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You may sing these songs and quote the informative notes, you may print out the songs in order to learn them, but please, do not reproduce any of this material in written or printed form, online or offline, for any other reason than your own personal use without asking my permission first or the permission of the copyright owner if it is someone else's song.

You may use freely for your own personal research or private non-commercial purposes my own material and notes shared here, but please credit the source. The use of any of it for any commercial or profitmaking purpose online or offline is absolutely, totally prohibited, without any exceptions.

And that includes putting it on any website which contains adverts of any kind - do you see any adverts anywhere on this site? If you ever come across anything from this site on a site which contains advertising then it has been stolen from here and does not have my permission.

Such use is a breach of UK and International copyright law as well as morally indefensible. You're getting it free - if you want to pass it on, pass it on free and acknowledge the source.

This is a gesture of trust. Please respect it.

Most of the songs are either my versions of traditional songs or my own compositions. The songtexts which are the copyright property of others are quoted exclusively for information purposes and I have permission to reprint them. If I have inadvertantly included something which the copyright owner objects to being included, please let me know and I will remove it immediately.

I encourage readers of these pages to purchase the recordings and songbooks of other composers quoted here.

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