Busk, Busk, Bonnie Lassie

Lyric as sung by Dick Gaughan

Dae ye see yon bonnie high hills
Aa covert wi snaw?
Thae hae pairtit mony's a true love
An thae'll sune pairt we twa

Busk, busk, bonnie lassie
An come awa wi me
An A'll tak ye tae Glen Isla
Near bonnie Glenshee

Dae ye see yon bonnie shepherds
As thae come frae ayont
Wi thair pladie's ower thair shouthers
An thair sheep grazin on?

Dae ye see yon bonnie sodjers
As thae merch thro the toun
Wi thair muskets ower thair shouthers
An thair braidswords hingin doun?

Song Notes

Given the popularity of this song, there is surprisingly little concrete information about it available. I can't remember exactly where I learned it (although something in the back of my head makes me suspect it may have been from either Belle or Sheila Stewart) but I have been singing it for over 30 years. The tune is almost identical to "The Bloody Fields Of Flanders", used by Hamish Henderson for his "Freedom Come Aa Ye"

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