Collier Laddie

(trad arranged by Dick Gaughan)

I've traivelt east an I've traivelt west
An I hae bin tae Kirkcaldy
But the bonniest lass that ere I spied
She wis followin her collier laddie

"O whaur live ye, my bonnie lass
Come tell me whit thae caa ye"
"Bonnie Jean Gordon is ma name
An A'm follayin ma collier laddie"

"Dae ye see yon high, high hills
The sun shines on sae brawlie?
Thae are aa mine an shall be thine
Gin ye leave yer collier laddie"

"Tho ye had aa that the sun shines on
An the earth conceals sae lawlie
A'd turn ma back on you an it aa
An embrace ma collier laddie"

Then he has tae her faither gaen
Til her faither gaen sae brawlie
"Wad ye gie tae me yer dochter fair
That's follayin a collier laddie?"

"For I'll gie her rents an I'll gie her lands
An I'll mak her a ladie
I'll raise her up tae a higher degree
Than tae follay a collier laddie"

Then he has tae his dochter gaen
Til his dochter gaen sae brawlie
Says "Ye'll gang wi this braw gentleman
An forsake yer collier laddie"

"For he'll gie ye lands an he'll gie ye rents
An he'll mak ye a ladie
He'll mak ye ane o a higher degree
Than tae follay a collier laddie"

"O I winnae hae his rents an I winnae hae his lands
And I'll no be his ladie
I'll mak ma bed in the collier's neuk
An lie doun wi ma collier laddie"

"For, luve for luve is the bargain for me
Tho a wee cot-hous should haud me
An the warld afore me tae win ma bried
An share wi ma collier laddie"

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