As I Gaed In By Fisherraw

Lyric as sung by Five Hand Reel

As A gaed in by Fisherraw,
Musselburgh wis near me
A tuik aff ma musselpyock
An courtit wi ma dearie

Up stairs, doun stairs,
Timmer stairs fears me
A thocht it lang tae lie ma lane
Whan A'm sae near ma dearie

Had her apron bidden doun
The kirk wad ne'er hae kent it
But sin the talk's about the toun
Ma dear A cannae mend it

Bit ye maun tae the cutty stool
An A maun tae the pillar
That's the wey the puir folks dae
Because thae hae nae siller

Song Notes

Rather a scathing comment on Calvinism.

Fisherraw was a tiny fishing village on the south side of the Forth just east of Edinburgh. It is now more or less part of Musselburgh, a small town, known as "The Honest Toun", which retains a fierce independence from Edinburgh.

As an old rhyme says,

"Musselburgh was a burgh when Edinburgh was nane
"An Musselburgh'll be a burgh when Edinburgh is gane

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