The Granemore Hare

Lyric as sung by Dick Gaughan

Last Saturday morning the horns they did blow
To the green fields round Tassagh the huntsmen did go
To meet the bold sportsmen from around Keady town
For none loved the sport better than the boys of Maydown

And when we arrived they were all standing there
So we took to the green fields to search for the hare
We had not gone far when someone gave a cheer
Over high hills and valleys the wee puss did steer

With our dogs all abreast and that big mountain hare
And the sweet singing music it rang through the air
Straight for the black bank for to try them once more
And it was her last sight round the hills of Granemore

And as we trailed on to where the wee puss did lie
She sprang to her feet for to bid us goodbye
Our music it ceased and her cry we could hear
Saying "Cursed be the ones brought you Maydown dogs here"

"Last night as I lay content in the glen
It was little I thought about dogs or of men
But when going homewards at the clear light of day
I could hear the long horn that young Toner did play"

"And it being so early I stopped for a while
It was little I thought they were going to meet Coyle
If I had known that I'd had have lain near the town
Or tried to get clear of those dogs from Maydown"

"And now I am dying the sport is all done
No more through the green fields round Keady I'll run
Nor feed in the glen on a cold winter's night
Or go home to my den when it's breaking daylight"

"I blame old McMahon for bringing Coyle here
He's been at his old capers these many's the year
From Friday to Sunday he'll never give o'er
With a pack of strange dogs round the hills of Granemore"

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