The Lark and The Bowman

Words & Music : Davy Steel
©1993 Davy Steel - all rights reserved
Lyric as sung by Clan Alba

Mairi was a dancer and singer of soft love songs
A bright sparkling bringer of pleasure to all
The people who wandered by and halted at her house
And listened to her measure
And watched her moving to the wind and the sunshine
That always surrounds her
For Mairi's voice was like a lark in the blue sky
And she floated like a feather
She would dance
She would sing
She wanted to forever
And all she sang was

Lah, lalalalah, lalalalah lalalah
Lah, lalalala, lalalalah lalalah

Willie played his fiddle like a bowman in the heat of battle
Faster than a fever
And he paid no heed to fashion, he moved against the flow
Like a salmon in a river
And those who were carried along by his flowing notes
Followed him all over
For Willie had the lust and the passion of his land
Coursing through his fingers
He closed his eyes
And he would play
He wanted to forever
And all he played was

There were those who would keep them apart
Telling them they would be wrong
Still they came together just to find
They were playing the same song

So Mairi sang a haunting lament from a distant past
And Willie played along
And the crowds were silenced to the chasms of their souls
By the beauty of the music and the song
And Mairi found a pride and a strength in her voice
And Willie played so tender
That if they never shared another moment in their lives
They'd share this one forever
And they played
And they sang
And they will forever
And all they played was

Song Notes

Allegorical - Mairi is the Highland Scottish culture and Willie the Lowland.

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