I'll Lay Ye Doun

Lyric as sung by Dick Gaughan

One morning early as I roved out
Between the water an the pleasant sand
As I was walking, I heard them talking
Saying, "Surely he is a sorried man"

I will lay ye doun, love, I'll treat ye decent
I will lay ye doun, love, an I'll fill your can
I will lay ye doun, love, I'll treat ye decent
For surely here is a sorried man

I hae traivelled far frae Inveray
Aye, an as faur as Edinburgh toun
But I maun gae an traivel further
But when I return, love, I'll lay ye doun

I maun leave ye nou but I'll return
Tae you my love an I'll tak your hand
An no more I'll roam from you my love
No more to roam on the foreign strand

Song Notes

This is an odd song, a mixture of Scots and English, and I suspect it may originally be Northern Irish. There are many variants there, including one titled, "Muldoon, He is a Sorried Man". In some versions the phrase "a sorried man" is sung as "an honest man"

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