A Different Kind Of Love Song

Words & Music : Dick Gaughan

You ask me why I sing no love songs
You say the songs that I sing make you angry and sad
You say that you listen to music
To escape from the things that make you feel bad

You say that all that I sing of is trouble
And that doesn't entertain you
You say that I should be trying to make people happy
Well, strange as it seems, that's just what I'm trying to do

I could close my eyes to the suffering
I could switch off my mind and sing pretty songs
I could close my ears to the crying
I could sing, take the money and run

But that wouldn't help those in trouble
That wouldn't help make their pain disappear
And the homeless, the workless, the hopeless and helpless
Wouldn't be any happier, would still live in fear

So I'll keep trying to make people happy
I'll keep trying in the best way I know how
And for me to help make the most people happy
I must make you even more sad and angry now

So you see where you misunderstand me
If you listen again then you might even find
All the songs that I sing are love songs
But their love is a different kind

Song Notes

One night in 1982, I had just finished playing in a folk club somewhere in the southeast of England when a woman came up to me and proceeded to ask me all the questions in the first verse of this. When I replied, she looked at me sadly and said, "Oh, you're still at the political stage, then", and walked off.

When I had stopped laughing I wrote this.

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