MacPherson's Rant

Lyric as sung by Dick Gaughan

"Fareweil ye dungeons dark an strang
Fareweil, fareweil tae ye
MacPherson's time'll no be lang
On yonder gallows tree"

Sae rantinlie, sae wantonlie
Sae dauntonlie gaed he
He played a tune an danced it aroun
Ablaw yon gallows tree

"Untie these bands frae aff ma hauns
An gie tae me ma sword
Thair's no a man in aa Scotlan
But A'll fecht him at a word"

"Thair's some cam here tae see me hing
An some tae buy ma fiddle
But afore that ere A pairt wi her
A'll brak her thro the middle"

He's taen the fiddle intae baith o's hauns
An brak it ower a stane
Sayin "Nae ither haun sall play on thee
Whan A'm deid an gane"

The reprieve wis comin ower the brig o Banff
Tae set MacPherson free
But they pit the clock a quarter afore
An hinged him frae the tree

Song Notes

Also known as "MacPherson's Fareweil" and "MacPherson's Lament".

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