One Miner's Life

Words & Music : Ed Pickford
Lyric as sung by Dick Gaughan

Nou ye are born, anither tae feed
Smaa is our wants, lad, but great is our need
For wark is scarce, yer dad's on the dole
They want nae mair men for they've got too much coal

Whae kens whae yer cryin for?
Whae kens whae made us sae puir?
Whae kens what ye're gaunnae be?
Whae kens what's in store for ye?

Nou ye're a boy, ye play in the streets
Fishin the burn an performin great feats
While the pitheap stands, markin the graves
O faithers an sons an the lives that they gave

Nou ye've left school, ye're a man at thirteen
Yer mither is grim as she looks on the scene
As she maks up yer piece, ye're aff doun below
An awa tae the pit wi yer faither ye go

Nou ye're a man, ye wark in the mine
Wi fightin an strugglin ye're auld fore yer time
For the wark is hard, conditions are bad
An ye've promised yer bairns aa the things ye've no had

Nou ye are auld, ye've warked aa ye can
But they're closin the pit and ye're pairt o a plan
Tae cut out waste an mak the mines pay
Sae tae hell wi ye nou lad an be on yer way

Song Notes

Ed Pickford wrote this in the rich language of Co Durham but no way was I going to attempt to mimic that so I translated some of the Durham words into Lothian Scots.

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