As I Walked On The Road

Words & Music : Jim Brown
Lyric as sung by Dick Gaughan

As I walked by Loch Lomond side
On a fine spring morning
The sun fought with the icy rain
That came on without warning
And all the wee birds sang again
As the mountains shed their winter snow
A finer sight I'd never seen
That day upon the road

By Glen Douglas then I travelled west
Across the hills to reach Loch Long
It put my mettle to the test
And in my heart a joyful song
From Scotland and her beauty wild
So many years I'd been away
I felt the wonder of a child
That day upon the road

But before my eyes the scene it changed
Man-made structures flanked the hills
Caverns grim of concrete gray
In rows so menacing and still
I wondered what these things could be
No reason for them, could I find
A change of mood came over me
That day upon the road

A shepherd working in the glen
Told me what had happened there
To make the work of many men
The storehouse of tomorrow's fear
For in these mighty caverns grim
Avenging swords in rows did stand
To unleash war some dreadful day
With pain and death in every land

I felt so sad just standing there
In a place I'd once loved well
Now used without permission asked
To house the very teeth of hell
But all those folk who strive for peace
My heart went out to all of them
Their struggle's on, it musn't cease -
I tell you now, as I told myself that day upon the road

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