The Terror Time

Words & Music : Ewan MacColl
©Stormking Music
Lyric as sung by Dick Gaughan

The heather will fade
And the bracken will die
Streams will run cold and clear
And the small birds will be going
And it's then you will be knowing
That the terror time is near

Whaur will ye gang
And whaur will ye bide
Nou that the wark's aa dune
An the fairmer disnae need ye
An the council winnae heed ye
An the terror time is here

The woods give no shelter
And the trees they are bare
Snow's lying all around
And the children they are crying
For the bed on which they're lying
Is frozen to the ground

When you need the warmth
Of your own human kind
You move near a town
And the sight of you's offending
And the police they soon are sending
An ye're on the road again

Song Notes

Written by Ewan MacColl for the Radio Ballad, "The Travelling People" (1964)

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