Thatchers o Glenrae

Lyric as sung by Dick Gaughan

The first time I cam tae the shire o Argyll
I went tae Dalmore where I wrocht a good while
The job bein finished big Jimmie did say
"Will ye gang an theek rashes twa days in Glenrea?"

When I crossed over the mountains sae high
I met an auld man wi a patch on his eye
Says he "Ye're a stranger whit brought ye this way?"
"I was sent by big Jimmie tae thatch in Glenrea"

The farmer says slyly, "I've little to do"
Says I, "Then ye're better wi Jamie or Hugh"
Then either tae fright me or scare me away
"Can ye theek wi auld rashes?", says McNeill o Glenrea

"I can theek wi auld rashes, wi heather or ling
Bent bracken or dockens or any one thing"
"Oh, ye're just the man'll get plenty tae dae
An I'll get ye a ladder", says McNeill o Glenrea

I waited on there til I'd finished the job
Then it's ower yon wild mountains I had for tae jog
Should I stay in this country til my hair it turns gray
I'll never go back for tae thatch in Glenrea

Then I took a notion it's home for tae go
I went to Ballycastle, the wages wis low
I went up tae Hughie an this I did say
"I'll go back tae Kintyre but no tse Glenrea"

Song Notes

Taken from 'The Jacobite Relics of Scotland' Vol 1 by James Hogg. From the 1715 attempt to restore the Stewart dynasty.

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