Thirty-Foot Trailer

Words & Music : Ewan MacColl
©Stormking Music
Lyric as sung by Dick Gaughan

The auld ways are changin ye cannae deny
The day o the traiveller's over
There's naewhaur tae gang an there's naewhaur tae bide
Sae farewell tae the life o the rover

Goodbye tae the tent an the auld caravan
Tae the tinker, the gypsy, the traivellin man
An goodbye tae the thirty foot trailer

Fareweil tae the cant an the traivellin tongue
Fareweil tae the Romany talkin
The buyin an sellin, the auld fortune tellin
The knock on the door an the hawkin

Ye've got tae move fast tae keep up wi the times
For these days a man cannae daunder
There's a bylaw tae say ye maun be on yer way
An anither tae say ye can't wander

Fareweil tae the besoms o heather an brume
Fareweil tae the creel an the basket
The folk of today they wad far sooner pay
For a thing that's been made out o plastic

The auld ways are passin an soon they'll be gone
For progress is aye a big factor
Its sent tae afflict us an when they evict us
They tow us awa wi a tractor

Fareweil tae the powny, the cob, an the mare
The reins an the harness lie idle
Ye don't need a strap when ye're breakin up scrap
Sae fareweil tae the bit an the bridle

Fareweil tae the fields whaur we've sweated an toiled
At puin an shawin an liftin
They'll soon hae machines an those travelling quines
An their menfolk had better be shiftin

Song Notes

Written by Ewan MacColl for the Radio Ballad, "The Travelling People" (1964)

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