Absolute Beginner's Frequently Asked Questions

12. What is Net-Abuse?

Net Abuse is defined as abuse OF the net, as distinct from abuse ON the net. It has nothing to do with the content of messages but with how, where and how many times they are posted.

Net-abuse normally falls into one of these two categories :

1. Spam

2. The posting of binaries to non-binary newsgroups.

Be clear about the distinction between abuse ON the net and abuse OF the net -

If you call someone a crosseyed repulsive sloth, this could be abuse - but it is not Net Abuse. What you are doing is using the net to abuse someone i.e. this is abuse ON the net.

If you call someone a crosseyed repulsive sloth, and post it to 200 newsgroups, this is Net Abuse, not because of what you said but because of the enormous waste of bandwidth caused by the number of times you said it i.e. abuse OF the net.

For further information you should read the Net Abuse FAQ

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