Floorsinging for Beginners

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Floorsinging for Beginners

A collection of tips for aspiring floor singers

compiled by David Harley

Release Version 1.0


  1. Choice of Material
  2. Practice Makes Perfect?
  3. Food, Drink and Dutch Courage
  4. Instrumentals and Accompaniments
  5. Presentation and Posture
  6. After the Set
  7. Future Areas for Discussion?
  8. Do it!


Arcadiamax (Max); Jacey Bedford; Chris Beeson; Ken Bradburn; Pete Coe; Neil Corbett; Dom Cronin; Diane; Graham Dixon; M.R. Fish; Wendy Grossman; David Harley; Colin Irvine; Jim Lawton; Ken Piper; Irene Shettle; Ian White; Tim Willets

Copyright Notice

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The authors accept no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for any ill effects resulting from the use of any information contained in this document. Obviously, there's a wide range of opinion expressed here, and there are no rules which can't be broken on occasion. Just take out what works for you.

Historical Background

Once upon a time, Neil Corbett of the Bracknell Folk Club asked on uk.music.folk:

"What would be your top 3 tips for aspiring folk club floor singers? I'd lke to put a top 10 tip list on our Bracknell Folk Website."

However, the response was so enthusiastic that it seemed a shame not to use all the advice that was offered, so I suggested putting together an FAQ. In fact, this is less an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document than a tipsheet, but we hope it'll be of use.

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